It’s been a long time that I didn’t update my blog. Since decide learn English, sometimes when I try to say something English words will come out of my head.

Day after day, time passed quickly. But our reliationship is not good. Sometimes just don’t want to say anything. He don’t understand you, everyword you say have no sense. Love is love, but cohabitation is not easy. Recently I read some sentense from ZHIHU, he said”When two people began to love each other, they said they will tolerance disadvantages of each other. But as the time gos by, they forget everything they had said before. Can’t stand each other. ” When you want somebody everything is OK, but When the passion fades everything changed. No more cute, no more handsome. Everything is ugly. This is love? Maybe there is no love on this earth, so we want to find it on movies, songs etc.