Why Windows Phone NOT Android为什么选择WP而不是安卓










7.PIN 功能。善用应用内PIN功能,这个别的平台没有,很多人也会忽视,但其实能带来很大便利。比如把基友的QQ pin到桌面等。




An article I answered in ZhiHu, today when I saw it again found it was the answer to my another question which was made 1 weeks ago. I want change my phone to android, but can’t made up my mind. Now I know why, thanks for this question.

1.Microsoft Account sync. Microsoft Account in Windows is very powerful and it is very important. But should note the security. If your account was blocked, you will lose many things. And WP, windows RT will automatic backup your system. Everything in it, like messages, titles, apps, even your email. If you change your phone, you can easily recovery your phone.

2.Good App Store. On Android you can install many apps in BAIDU or WANDOUJIA, all apps there is free. It ispossible that you are a victim of software piracy. There are so much ADs on Android apps.

3.WP is safe. You will never need to kill virus or clear memory. It is easy to use. Also nomore 360, Chinese Viewer will know what I’m saying.

4.I love Cortana, it’s really cool.

5.Every to organize your media library.

6.Clevery Social, you can link your Facebook,twitter to your contacts. Then you can easily view them on outlook.com.

7.Pin. You can Pin your lovers QQ on desktop.

8.I don’t know how to translate…………..

At last , you can delete your recovery on https://onedrive.live.com/Options/DeviceBackups